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At Tyler Construction, we understand the complexities of design and construction involved in commercial construction projects. Our firm has the expertise, experience, and knowledge needed to apply a proactive approach to every scenario, making sure every consideration is factored into the project for timely completion within the designated budget.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services draw on experience that includes a number of industries and project specializations. Our team has a diverse skill set that works well in the mitigation of construction risks and facilitation of projects. We work with subcontractors, owners, attorneys, architects, and all parties involved in the project to ensure success from inception to completion.

Some of our services include:

Risk Management

Understanding the risks involved in any project saves time and helps to avoid costly delays. We understand the certain challenges and complications that may occur and provide guidance by identifying potential areas of risk that may delay or hinder the project. Our team uses proven procedures and practices throughout the process to provide effective solutions. Some of our expertise includes: disaster prevention and relief plans, constructability reviews, risk identification, sensitivity analysis, cost escalation analysis, damage assessment, and cost/schedule forecasting.

Project Planning

Every successful project starts with a plan. We help define the scope and viability of projects to determine the budget, team requirement, and schedule needed to implement and evaluate each project according to client needs. We assess the risks involved and recommend effective strategies to mitigate those risks to maximize time while saving costs. Our specializations in this area include feasibility studies, front-end planning, strategic asset management, and sustainability consulting.

Program Management and Oversight

Construction is a multi-faceted operation and having the right team to get your project done is crucial. Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to provide guidance throughout your selection process and all the everyday responsibilities of managing your project. We work with owners, engineers, architects, and the overall team to provide proactive and effective solutions. Our services in this area include: contract risk analysis, constructability reviews, cost management, construction bid evaluation, schedule oversight, quality assurance and control, and architect/engineer selection.

Cost Estimation

Tyler Construction Group specializes in cost estimation, providing every client with detailed estimates for their project from beginning to end. We use the most current information to include labor, material, and equipment costs to determine an accurate assessment based on scope, time, and quality. We utilize a number of technology based solutions to provide the best estimate for your project. Some additional services in this area include: construction bid estimates, contract cost review, value engineering cost estimates, change order evaluations, life cycle costing, lump sum and fixed costs estimates, and project closeout costs.

As premier construction management consultants, we can assist in offering expert advice and guidance on your commercial projects. For more information on our services, contact an associate today!