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> Government / Military <

Tyler Construction Group provides services in the planning, pre-construction, and construction phases of government and military facilities. We have extensive knowledge of the niche components and methods required by these entities to work effectively and efficiently, on time, and within budget.

Military facilities have laws and regulations attached to each project. We understand the directives, scope of work, procurement processes, and other intricate details involved that require consistency and expertise in this area. Our team is well versed in the construction of all types of government facilities. Our experience is diverse, including courthouses, civic centers, city halls, public safety complexes, libraries, and detention facilities.

The team at Tyler Construction Group has the experience and credentials to successfully work with government and military entities in the creation of safe and successful projects. We work collaboratively with government and military entities on permitting, materials handling, costs analysis, bidding, and additional recommendations for effective results. For more information on our experience, contact us today!

> Examples <

Battle Simulation Center

Fort Jackson Emergency Services Center

U.S. Army Reserve Center