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Tyler Construction Group specializes in pre-construction services to assist in the development and completion of commercial and industrial projects.

What is Pre-Construction?

The pre-construction phase of any project is critical to its success. It is just as important as the construction phase and helps identify and eliminate any obstacles that may pose an issue or delay the progress of your project.

We assist in the early planning stages, working with the architect and engineers to define the goals, objectives, and cost savings that are possible prior to the commencement of construction. Our services provide an analysis of the materials, equipment, systems, procedures, techniques, and timeline to determine the effect these components will have on the project and budget. Knowing what should happen and the risks associated with the project before it starts can avoid costly delay.

Our pre-construction services are comprehensive and include:

We work with the client, designer, engineers, architect, and other team members to formulate a timeline, determine which subcontractors are right for the project, assess project drawings and sketches, design and construction requirements, and define the scope of work involved. This includes quality control and constructability analyses to locate potential cost savings and identify risks.

We estimate the anticipated costs of pre-construction engineering, subcontractor labor, equipment, permits, drawings and floor plans, and other materials based on the estimated length and completion time of the project.

We have a long-standing relationship with all permitting agencies and understand the intricacies involved in getting permits for land use, soil records, permits to commence building, and other documents that are required.

Value Engineering
We offer unbiased recommendations and advisement on the selection of structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, all finishes and other key elements that will maximize the value of the project at optimal costs.

How does this process work?

We assess and evaluate selected materials, offering suggestions for alternative methods of material, construction, and building systems. Our objective is to enhance the overall value and quality of your projects.

Tyler Construction Group has the expertise and knowledge to assist the development of your commercial construction project. For more information, call an associate today.