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> Commercial Renovation <

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Tyler Construction Group works directly with clients to restore, modernize, and repurpose antiquated buildings to support the infrastructure and landscape of evolving cities. Restoring the lost beauty of older buildings requires the skill of highly qualified experts who won’t skip a step while paying attention to every detail.

The process of historic renovation is detailed and intricate. Our team understands this process and works with the client and other pertinent agencies to make sure every aspect of the project is considered and accounted for. We work to protect and preserve the historic value of every project in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We employ the best team of subcontractors to make sure every element is carried out with due diligence based on proper research and planning. Our historic restoration projects keep the historical significance of the structure intact, providing a rejuvenated façade that restores the original beauty.

Contact our team for more information on our historic restoration projects to see how we can assist in breathing new life into your structures.

> Examples <

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

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University of South Carolina – President’s House

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